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Chat in real time with speakers and improve your English-speaking skills.

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Pick Up English, Wherever You Are

Chat in real time with a native speaker and improve your English-speaking skills.


English speaking club

Practice English conversation with your friends or random partners who match your language level.


Fast bot setup

Get access to all the chatbot features in just a few clicks.


Your personal profile settings

You may personalize your profile: select your main language, add photos and personal information.


Check your knowledge, taking tests

Take tests and check your current level of English proficiency.

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There is an option to communicate in text mode with the selected interlocutor (Coming Soon)

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Games in English

Play and learn — you will get access to a whole game catalogue right in the bot.


Selecting a real-time interlocutor

Select your interlocutor from the list of speakers, call up and chat on any topic at any time.


Paid subscription

Buying subscription provides unlimited access to communication with all speakers.


Voice communication

You can switch to communicating with the speaker via voice messages at any time.



Why use Speak Hunt?

Speak Hunt will help you get deeper into the language environment. Direct communication with native speakers will help you overcome the fear of speaking English. You will improve your speech perception and expand your vocabulary. You will learn new accents, get used to the pronunciation of different people and finally overcome the language barrier.

What languages can I learn with the help of the bot?

As of today, there is only English available in Speak Hunt, but the list of languages to learn is to be expanded soon. Follow our news and updates!

What devices is Speak Hunt compatible with?

Speak Hunt is a Telegram bot. You can use it on any devices that support the Telegram bot messenger: iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs.

Can I chat with the same person on Speak Hunt?

After having a chat with your speaker, you can add him to your favorites list to contact again later. Free version has a limit — no more than 3 interlocutors in your favorites list. You can have a free chat with each speaker lasting no more than 15 minutes. Buy subscription, and you will be enjoying dialogues unlimited in time.

What to do if the interlocutor is hard to hear?

Ask the speaker to speak louder or connect the headset. If there is some noise in the background that is bothering you, suggest your interlocutor to move to a quieter place.

What should I do if the interlocutor makes mistakes in the conversation?

To improve your speech perception, the speaker may occasionally ask you to correct a grammatical or factual mistake specially made in the conversation. In this case, we suggest following his recommendations. If your interlocutor happens to mispronounce some words, we kindly ask you to ignore it. In the dialogue, you should focus on your own mistakes, for your key objective is to improve your English proficiency!

What are the advantages of our club?

With Speak Hunt, you will be learning English every day at any time. As practice shows, even 15-20 minutes of a dialogue with a native speaker a day works better than taking regular lessons once a week. As a streaming service, we provide you a platform for such networking.

What do I need to get started with the bot?

Go to the SpeakHunt bot, specify your English proficiency level: A2, B1, B2 or C1 so that we can select the speakers most suitable for you, then select a speaker and start the dialogue!


Join Speak Hunt and start chatting in English right now!

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